Pelican Bay Mystery Book 2 – As Good As Dead

Book 2 in my Pelican Bay Mystery series, As Good As Dead, has just been released!

Tinsel, turkey, and tragedy.

Jennifer Frost is looking forward to a peaceful tropical Christmas, but her unusual and mysterious guests seem determined to ruin her plans!

For a short time only AS GOOD AS DEAD is only 99 cents, or free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

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New series, new release – Last Gasp

I’ve written a book! LAST GASP is the first book in a new series. The Pelican Bay mysteries take place in a tranquil Australian town midway between Sydney and Brisbane.

When ex-journalist Jennifer Frost takes over her parents’ bed-and-breakfast, she envisages a new, slow-paced life, but as it turns out things are not as idyllic as she imagined!

LAST GASP is only 99 cents or free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

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New release on preorder – In the Dead of Winter

My 5th Emma Cassidy mystery, In the Dead of Winter, can now be preordered for only 99 cents.


Releases Dec 1, 2016

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It’s the holiday season, and Emma Cassidy is looking forward to the New Year’s Eve fundraiser. Until a man is killed on the railway tracks in front of her, a man with no identity. Who was the mysterious stranger, and what was he doing in town?

Before long, death strikes again. Was it an accident, suicide, or murder? As Emma investigates, her list of suspects grows, and so does her fear that a dear friend could be in danger.

Emma has her own demons from the past to deal with. Can she solve the mystery and keep her friend safe before the past catches up with them?

New release – Witch Way to Murder

My latest release, WITCH WAY TO MURDER, is just 99 cents for a limited time only!


Event planner Emma Cassidy moves into a cottage in the woods, where she soon discovers her new neighbor Isadora is more than just an herbalist, but also a self-styled witch, albeit a rather chaotic one.

Isadora has become more scatterbrained of late, with muddled spells and a failing memory. But the situation turns dire when her long-time friend and New Age millionaire Marshall dies after drinking one of her potions, a potion that turns out to be poisoned.

Marshall’s son is quick to point the finger at Isadora, but before the police can arrest her, the herbalist goes missing. Emma can’t believe her shy neighbor would commit murder, but she’s more worried by her sudden disappearance. As she searches for the truth, she discovers that both Isadora and Marshall have antagonized several people. Which one of their enemies is the murderer? And did Isadora run away or was she abducted?